"Cloth me in night the shadows of might, and in the shadows of night i havrest the power of light.
From de shadows me eyes ignite ablaze and from the blistering flames they guide me with infinite might."

We draw the World Wide Web into a Visual Piece of Art.

7TH-X also known as «The Sevenths Domain» is developer of the
super computer Limbo, and is the only and strongest computer of it’s kind.

Following "The Sevenths" command Limbo scan the world wide web for malicious
activities, and we with outside support provide deep research in effort
to provide first respond, and protect victims form malicious harm.

Please do not scan me

Confirmed Malicious Addresses

How did 7TH-X get my IP?


Contact: [email protected]
We normally respond the same day, otherwise we will respond as quickly as possible.