Limbo ShadowCrawler FAQ

Q: Can i opt-out of scanning?

A: Absolutely! Please submit your information here.

Q: How often do ShadowCrawler run scans?

A: This depend a little as ShadowCrawler is serval scanners.
However if we cannot find anything obviously malicious on the first scan it
will generally take some time before a new scan is issued on the same IP/PORT.

Q: How can i get a list of malicious IP Addresses?

A: You can have a list with IP Addresses that are confirmed with malicious activities for free.
We have a list that is publicly available here. For your own security we advice against going to these
IP Addresses instead just put them on a blacklist.

Q: Can i scan the Limbo ShadowCrawler Nodes?

A: We do not denie anyone the right to find or scan our nodes.
All we ask is that you do not disturb or have malicious intent towards them.
Also note: these systems scan ip addresses that make connections to them.

Q: Is Limbo really a super computer?

A: Yes, Limbo is a massive cluster that span across the globe.
But is never in one place for very long.

Q: What intent to 7TH-X have?

A: Our intent is to report to system owners, network operators and people about our findings. They shall be provided transparent but
in some cases information that is altered to an extent that it can not harm themself nor others. In a clear format that can be used to
protect themself from malicious harm.